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Ideas for 3D Printers

We know that many of our customers have a 3D printer at home, or are Crafty
As we find some projects we think might be of interest, we will post them here. Click on a project, and you will be redirected to the site that hosts the projects.

Balanced Bottle Holder Balancing wine bottle holder by Kenneth79 February 17, 2018, hosted by
Bottle Lamp Bottle Lamp by bottlelampmakers September 12, 2012. Make your own Bottle Lamp from recycled bottles. They add a wonderful touch to your decor and make great gifts, hosted by

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We are not responsible if the design you selected doesn't serve your purpose. Please make sure you use the correct material and temperature when printing. Test to make sure it can handle any loads before using glass. Use care when using drills and other tools. For electrical wiring, please make sure you do it safely, and make sure the neutral is connected to the silver screw of the bulb socket. Ask someone who is knowledgeable if you have any questions.