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Sloe Gin

What is Sloe Gin or Slow Gin?

Slow Gin is actually spelled SLOE Gin, but sounds the same.

Sloe gin is a British gin-based liqueur, that is made with gin and sloes. SLOES? Sloes are the fruit of the blackthorn plant, a relative of the plum. The sloes give the liqueur the red color. Sloe Gin is the only liquer that does not need to label itself as a liqueur..

The term 'Sloe Gin' is only gin-based liqueur that can legally be called gin without the liqueur suffix.

The traditional way of making sloe gin is to soak the sloes in gin. The drink develops sweetness when the fruit is left in the alcohol and is allowed to mature. Some recipes for Sloe Gin call for sugar to be added, but this prevents the gin from absorbing some of the fruit flavor, and makes for a sweeter gin.

Many commercial sloe gins today are made by flavouring less expensive neutral grain spirits. Some of the US distilleries use relatives of the sloe, such as the Beach Plum, or the Aronia Berry.

Remember, find Sloe Gin in the Liqueur section, not the Gin section!